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Photos courtesy of Tara Donoghue Photography  

Fate is often a term used to explain how some of the truest relationships are born, totally unexpected but totally meant to be. This was the case for Pennsylvania state natives Jillian Mikesell and John Rickards, who bumped into each other in a bar while having drinks separately with friends. They soon became inseparable and John soon realised he wanted to spend his life with Jillian and following a romantic proposal, plans for their dream wedding day were put in place, with Ireland top of their list for the perfect destination, holding sentimental value for the pair. “Our first trip together was to Ireland, where we learned we had so much fun traveling together, aside from driving on the opposite side and being a ‘great co-captain at directions’, we bonded over a few Guinness’s, and enjoyed the simplicity of Ireland; the nature, beauty, and way of life,” Jillian shared.

A summer wedding in Ireland was a natural fit for duo, settling on July 4, 2018 with the hope of precious clear skies and sunshine for their Irish wedding day, which is exactly what they got at their breath-taking venue in Co. Kerry. Finding the perfect fit for their Irish wedding photographers to capture their picturesque day became one of their easiest decisions, when they found husband and wife photographer team Tara ad Dave of Tara Donoghue Photography.  “Tara and Dave are such a great duo-put us both at ease while taking pictures and we were blown away by photos! We were so happy they were able to capture and be a part of our day! Tara even called the make-up artist to help touch up my make-up after a few tears shed with my mom.”

Their Irish wedding day was beyond anything they could have dreamed and pinpointing just one moment is impossible for the besotted bride. “From the moment my hair stylist showed up at the hotel room door to the last song of our wedding on the dance floor the day was amazing! The Irish music during our ceremony to being outside in the sunshine before dinner. John and I sat back for a few minutes before being called to dinner and we kept saying, “I can’t believe this is really happening!”

Embracing all that Ireland has to offer while visiting the Emerald aisle for their wedding day was important to Jillian and John, who were able to show their friends and families why our little island was so special. “To be able to spend a few days before our wedding driving to locations and seeing our family and friends at a pub or Cliff of Moher was so special.  Our favorite night was in Galway-great music and staying out late dancing and drinking the night away.”

Our wedding was our third time back in Ireland and we were so happy to share the friendliness and beauty that Ireland offers with our family and closest friends!

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