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Photographs courtesy of Corin Bishop Photography  


The Big Apple will forever be an alluring destination for Irish folks, and likewise, Ireland remains close to the hearts of many a New Yorker. for Co. Roscommon native Molly Muldoon, New york would be where she found the love of her life, Josh Newman.  This beautiful Irish girl met New Jersey man Josh while working in Ryan McGuire’s Irish pub in downtown Manhattan in November 2009. Little did they know that six years later, surrounded by guests from around the globe, the pair would say “I do” in a fairytale ceremony in Ireland. Josh took Molly back to where it all began to pop the question.

On a date one night in July 2014, they went for dinner back in their old stomping ground. Ryan Mcguire’s had been newly renovated and Molly suggested that they go for a nightcap, for old time’s sake. Josh was one step ahead and proposed to Molly outside the bar where they had first met.


Fifteen months later, Molly and Josh left the concrete jungle and headed for the Emerald Isle to begin their magical wedding experience in Co. Leitrim. Having met in an Irish pub, the scene was well and truly set and Molly and Josh both agreed on an Irish wedding.

This was the perfect opportunity for the couple’s family and friends in New York to visit the bride’s home turf for the first time – and with five young nephews and nieces at home in Roscommon, Molly knew that it would be easier to have all of the family involved in the wedding ceremony if they were to host it on Irish soil. Molly and Josh spent two weeks in Ireland in total, giving them plenty of time to enjoy the wedding festivities, and even escape together for a romantic mini-moon in Killarney.





“The day after our wedding, my parents threw us a party in our home in Roscommon. our back street was packed with cars and we set up a spill-over party in the garage with bales of hay. My best friend’s husband even set up a turf war game! It was so nice to see our visitors experiencing small-town Ireland.”

“Naturally, we’re biased, but Irish weddings are very special. It meant the world to us to look around the room and see our family and friends together in a castle in Co. Leitrim. It was pure magic!”

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