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Photos courtesy of Syona Photography

Irish beauty Rebecca Larkin fell in love with Ian Woolard, a charming and lovely South African, while they were both working as teachers in South Korea. It was a visit to Ian’s home country that led him to ask Rebecca that all-important question. “We moved there for two years for Ian to pursue his masters in architecture. My Mom and sister came over for a visit and he thought that was the perfect time to pop the question. It was wonderful”, Rebecca shared. For their special day, they both agreed that the brides home country, the Emerald Isle,  would be the perfect location for their nuptials.


Capturing the candid moment of pure love and joy was important to the couple, and their decision to go with Syona Photography is one both Rebecca and Ian are delighted they made. “I don’t even know where to start.I contacted Paulina via email and she was so prompt answering back. We were so impressed by her professionalism. We arranged a Skype call with herself and Rafal and from then on it wasn’t a question of them doing our photos. They were so lovely and relaxed, answering all our pictures. And now that we have the finished pictures we are beyond happy with them, we’ve too many favourites! When Ian and I move back to Ireland we’re really hoping they’ll be our friends – they’re so cool!”, the beautiful bride shared.

Keeping their day intimate meant that they both got to cherish every moment and enjoy the company of their guests and give them thier full attention.

“We had a small wedding so we knew everyone very well and we got to speak to everyone many times through the day. We were very relaxed the day of the wedding and everything went so smoothly. We had a lovely lady name Rena preform our ceremony she made everyone laugh and set a really nice atmosphere”, Rebecca said.

One of the best days ever!

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