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Hilltop Farm Alpacas is run by Alan and Catriona McIntyre with the help of their two teenage daughters Amy and Jenny.  The Farm is situated in Offaly, in the luscious rolling fields of a townsland called Knockballyboy which is about 12 kilometres outside the town of Tullamore. Croghan Hill, a dormant volcano, is visible from some of the more elevated fields of the farm.

Hilltop Farm came into existence in October 2015 with the arrival of two pregnant female alpacas. The herd has now grown to 13 animals with our first new cria of 2019 (alpaca baby) due at the end of March or early April 2019.Our original single acre of land has grown to just over five acres with the possibility of an additional 15 acres for 2020.

In relation to the animals, alpacas are the most therapeutic animals you will come into contact with. They are herd animals, liking company. It is just fabulous to walk among a group of animals that are in excess of 60kg in weight and who just look at their human visitors as possible friends.

In relation to weddings, our alpacas will stand with the Bride & Groom for photos and if required, they will mingle with the wedding party. The animals will be haltered and the newly married couple will be able to pose for memorable photos with them – at their sides. Another option includes allowing the entire bridal party to walk with and rub down the alpacas and to feel their soft, silky fleece. Just standing in the presence of these fabulous animals is therapeutic and having them at your wedding will help those involved in the rest of the wedding day to relax – they have effect on people.

We have most of our alpacas halter-trained so that we can bring some of them on walks, but believe it or not, it is our boys that are the most tranquil when it comes to walking. We have visitors coming to Hilltop Farm to walk the alpacas and when our boys run down to see who the visitors are, the new-comers just want to walk them. I have yet to witness someone leaving the farm and not having a satisfied smile on their face. At the first wedding Hilltop Farm Alpacas were invited to, the animals had such a positive effect on the wedding party that it was reported on social media that the wedding party were still talking about the alpacas well into the evening.

Alpacas at weddings became ‘a thing’ for us after seeing an article on-line concerning alpacas at weddings. One particular farmer had animals similar to our own. The alpacas we bring are good-looking animals who seem to know it the way they stare at cameras or phones and yes, they are photogenic. A happy alpaca will brighten any photograph and will help calm down nervous people by being their calming selves. These animals have an aura about them that if it were visible, it would be lavender in colour – a soothing pastel emanating from their bodies of alpacas through their silky, velvety feeling fleece.


We have also brought some of our animals to Nursing Homes, a Primary School and a Play School, all of which also brought positive feedback. To see the interaction between this animals with both the young to the old is just amazing to see.

If you would like to arrange a visit to our farm or  book our Alpacas for you special occasion please get in touch.

Telephone  00353 087 9627428



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