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Tilted Tripod Weddings

Ciara McCullough is the face behind the lense at Tilted Tripod Weddings.

“I don’t consider myself a photographer, I am a Storyteller. Telling stories through my eyes and my camera is what drives me every day. Capturing moments and creating memories that will forever allow people to relive days they should never forget, genuinely makes my soul happy . To be part of your journey and document it in the purest form and to make connections and friendships that will last long after moments have been captured, are my biggest values in life!

I’m that person who’s always pushing others to get out and watch the sunset or to dance in the rain. I’m the type of person who tells their friends to pursue their dreams and gravitate towards all that makes them happy .

I am a hopeless romantic. I am a sucker for a great love story and know I am desperately lucky that I get to document the best people who have the best, most genuine love stories.”


We can’t say enough amazing things about her. Aside from simply having the eye for photography and the gift of capturing intimate moments, she is passionate about her work and absolutely loves what she does.


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