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Spiritual Ceremonies

A personalised legal wedding in Ireland

Planning an important life event such as a wedding ceremony, wedding blessing or a vow renewal requires dedicated professionals who understand your needs.

These events represent key life moments and must be entrusted to those who recognise their importance. We at Spiritual Ceremonies do just that and we pride ourselves on our
dedication to these events since 2010; traveling the length and breadth of the country, from Cork to Donegal, seven days a week, creating memories, through our ceremonies on those special days.

We have a large team of registered Solemnisers all of whom can perform the legal element of a wedding, meaning no one has to get married in a registry office beforehand, it can all be done on the day. We performed the first legal outdoor wedding ceremony in Ireland in April 2011 and the first same-sex marriage under the religious section following the Referendum in
May 2015.
As professional wedding celebrants and solemnisers we at Spiritual Ceremonies cater for all your needs and are trained to a high standard of excellence as reflected in the awards we have received to date. So let us work with you, for you and about you and ensure your ceremony reflects your personal needs!


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